About My Theatre List

What is My Theatre List?

My Theatre List helps you keep track of your theatre experiences.

You can share your lists with friends and see what other people are saying about a show you might want to see. You can keep track of what you’ve seen, what you might want to see, what you have tickets for, or any other number of things.

Why Does This Exist & Who's Behind It?

Hello 👋 I'm Nia, the creator of this site. I am a big theatre fan and started My Theatre List out of love and personal necessity!

I wanted a way to learn more about a show from trusted friends before booking tickets, and a way to keep notes about shows I've already seen. I couldn't find anything out there that encompasses all theatre, so I created it.

The Long Version

It all started with my collection of Playbills and programs, but after a few house moves I was highly motivated to stop carrying around a bunch of paper I rarely looked at.

Then I started collecting ticket stubs, but this wasn’t a great solution either—ticket stubs fade over time and the information is lost forever! Not to mention, digging through a shoebox to see them wasn't ideal...I couldn’t benefit from easy access to the information if or when I wanted it.

This prompted me to start an online spreadsheet which worked well for a number of years. The information was readily available and over time I generated a rather sizable database of what I’d seen.

And this gave me some great surprises! For example once a friend asked about booking tickets for the West End revival of Company starring Rosalie Craig...my database reminded me that I had seen her (and loved her!) in The Light Princess, even though I didn’t know anything about her background or career. Booking the Company tickets didn’t take a second thought!

But still, something was missing. How could I decide to book a show if I didn't already know anything about it? Sure, there are marketing sites and web forums, but let's be honest—you can't always trust the objectivity of the source. Professional reviews have their place of course, but I found that my personal tastes don’t often match up with professional reviewers'—I mean what do normal people like me think!?

When I talked to friends about their experiences booking theatre, I saw it wasn't just me who wanted this. You can find review sites for movies, books, TV shows...why not theatre!?

And I mean all theatre, not just from Broadway or the West End. I wanted a site that would include all shows, from the big productions to small self-produced pieces that very few are aware of.

So I decided to make it. And here we have it!

Why Is It Free?

Haha, if you’re reading this then we have something in common. My Theatre List is free to use because I want to make it available for as many people as possible.

Partly selfish—the more people who contribute, the easier it will be for me to learn about new shows and performers I might be interested in or I can add to my lists 😄. The other reason is because I think theatre should be accessible to everyone, and keeping this free to use is one way for me to contribute to that mission.

Right now the only costs are server costs which I pay for out of pocket. In future you’ll be able to link to ticketing sites from My Theatre List, and when you buy tickets that way, My Theatre List will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

But for now, the site is in its infancy and my priority is to provide a service and catalyst for people to get interested in the theatre. While you may see affiliate links and ads in the future, My Theatre List will never knowingly violate the trust of people who choose to join in and contribute.

Why Isn't X Show On The Site?

If it's not, it should be! Click here to let us know about anything that should be added.

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